Clean Technology in Canada

Last year, the Government of Canada commited to invest more than $1 billion over four years to support clean technology. Budget 2017 expands on that commitment by taking action to boost the growth of Canada’s clean technology sector by providing financing that innovative companies need to grow, supporting research, development, demonstration, and adoption of clean technologies; and enhancing collaboration.

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Clean technologies in the oil and gas industry

Canada’s Clean Technology Advantage

The global market for clean technologies has surpassed $1 trillion per year and is growing. As the world seeks out more sustainable sources of energy, and new technologies to improve the quality of air and water, Canadian companies can lead the way and capture their share of the market.

These investments in clean technology will help Canada to reduce carbon pollution while creating good, well-paying jobs in communities all across Canada for generations to come.

What We've Heard

In July 2016, we conducted a dialogue to hear ideas on clean technology in Canada’s natural resource sectors. We heard from individuals, organizations, and industry leaders who engaged in a meaningful discussion about clean technology to help transition Canada to a low-carbon economy. Find out what they had to say [PDF, 4.55Mb].

Key Facts

  • Budget 2017 - more than $2.2 billion to support clean technology research, development, demonstration and adoption as well as to accelerate the growth of clean technology companies.
  • This is an example of federal-provincial collaboration to advance shared priorities for action under the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.
  • This investment will help Canada meet its international Mission Innovation commitment to double its funding for clean energy and clean technology research and development, to $775 million by 2020.


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