Canada and China

Canada and China



A wealth of opportunities in China

From June 3 to 10, 2017, the Minister of Natural Resources led a Canadian delegation to China to expand trade and investment between our two countries.

Postcards from China

Come back to the site daily to view the Minister's postcards highlighting the delegation's efforts!

JUNE 4, 2017: Arrival
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Touch down!
We've landed in Beijing.
55 delegates. 7 days.

One goal:
To bring Canada and China closer together as partners leading the new resource economy.

JUNE 5, 2017: First Stop
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Go big or go home, right? First official stop is China National Offshore Oil Company — the largest Chinese investor in Canada. No better example of the importance bilateral trade and investment.

The Whole World Looks Small

Mount Tai is in northern China. When Confuscius reached its summit, he said, “From Mount Tai, the whole world looks small.” That’s our message, too. Canada and China are closer than ever.

Canada in Conversation

Just spent the evening showcasing Canadian ingenuity and expertise to Chinese investors at the Canadian Embassy. Our resource sector offers everything China needs for this clean-growth century.

JUNE 6, 2017: Two Countries — One Vision
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Great meetings today with Chinese counterparts. We share same vision for working together on energy, resources and climate change.

Personal Connections

Here in China, everyone seems to have a friend or relative studying in Canada — and, if they don’t, they know someone who does. No substitute for these personal connections.

Carbon Capture, Use and Storage

Just shared the stage with Rick Perry, the U.S. Secretary of Energy, to tout carbon capture, use and storage as a global clean-energy solution.

JUNE 7, 2017: Clean Energy Ministerial
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There’s real optimism in the air as the Clean Energy Ministerial kicks off. Sustainable economic prosperity demands environmental performance.

U.S. Secretary Rick Perry

Very good side meeting with Rick Perry, the U.S. Secretary of Energy. So many opportunities for Canada and the U.S. to work together on clean growth.

Dot the Eye

Wonderful Chinese expression: Paint the dragon, dot the eye. In other words, always add the finishing touch that will bring something to life — like Canada’s economic relationship with China.

JUNE 8, 2017: First Stop
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Signed MoU with China to promote Canadian wood and wood products for tomorrow’s sustainable cities. It’s all about expanding markets.


Helped hand out awards for Clean Energy Education and Empowerment initiative—to get more women in senior roles as the world tackles climate change. Because it’s 2017.

Bamboo Shoots

The bamboo is pervasive in Chinese culture. Thing is, the bamboo plant spends years putting down roots and can then grow 15 metres in a year. It’s taken many decades, but we can see Canada’s bamboo shoots taking off here.

JUNE 9, 2017: Made in Canada
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Tianjin’s eco-district is two square kilometres of Canadian wood, ingenuity and expertise. You have to go online to learn more about this $2.5 billion project. Incredible!

Canada-China Collaboration

More fruitful meetings about how Canada and China can work together on global issues. Every day, the world gets a little smaller.

Last Night in China

It’s our last night in China. There’s a Chinese proverb that says, “Opportunity knocks at the door only once.” Feels like we’ve opened that door.

JUNE 10, 2017: Coming home!
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Luggage feels lighter as we board plane home. This trip has confirmed the enormous potential here for Canadian energy, wood and clean technology. See you soon!

Canada and China: working together



Canada is open for business

Canada and China share many mutual priorities. Canada, as a world leader in the clean-growth economy, is well positioned to supply China with the energy and forest products, the minerals and metals and the clean technology it needs for the future. By working together our two nations can:

  • promote two-way trade 
  • foster investment opportunities
  • create good jobs, sustainable growth and new prosperity in both countries

Meet the delegates

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A message from the Minister

"Every day the world seems to grow a little smaller. Where once proximity made the United States our trading partner by default, technology and innovation have brought overseas markets virtually to our doorstep. No market is bigger, or holds more potential, than China."

Listen to a breakdown of the opportunities in China

In this podcast, NRCan senior officials explain what the Ministerial trip to China means for the future of Canada’s energy, forestry and clean technology sectors.

Key facts on China

Info-graphic showing Canada's natural resources exports to China in 2016
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Canada's natural resources exports to China were valued at $9.1B (2016)

  • forest products $4.8B
  • mineral and metal $4.2B
  • energy products $38M


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Canada exchange China

Two-way trade is more than $85B making China our 2nd largest trading partner.