Generally Available Licensing Opportunities

To provide easy access to some of our patented technologies we make available cost-effective, non-exclusive, single-year, renewable licenses according to a set of fixed terms and conditions. These licenses are available at a rate of $1,000 Canadian per year, per listed technology for a specific business entity, or $750 Canadian per year, per listed technology for two or more technologies.

Current opportunities

Candes Plus
Inventor: Michio Ikura
Patent Expiry Date: 2030-09-03
Research at NRCan in the field of oxidative desulphurization of diesel fuel has led to the development of CANDES Plus, a process resulting in cetane numbers up to 157.  The current practice for increasing a cetane number in diesel fuel is to add a small amount of alkyl nitrates which gives, at best, a cetane number increase by 8. Biodiesel has a cetane number ranging between 60 and 70. CANDES Plus builds on CANDES, a patented NRCan technology, which could be installed in or beside any petroleum refinery.

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