Commercialization and Licensing Opportunities

Licensing innovative technologies developed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) can give you an advantage in your industry. NRCan is looking for industry partners to help commercialize new patented technologies through licensing agreements.

Current Opportunities


A process for the production of ultra-high cetane diesel fuel
NRCan is seeking expressions of interest from waste oil processors, process developers, process licensors to refiners, and diesel additive producers to become our commercializing licensee for CANDES Plus, a new patented method for the production of ultra-high cetane diesel fuel. CANDES Plus serves to reduce hydrogen use thereby reducing natural gas use, while effectively increasing the efficiency of Sulphur removal from diesel cut.
NRCan is seeking to commercialize CANDES Plus through a licensing arrangement providing the rights to market NRCan’s production method to companies that produce, use and distribute ultra-high cetane diesel fuel. The primary market for this opportunity is in Canada and the secondary areas of interest include the US and the European Union.

The Technology of CANDES Plus

Research at NRCan in the field of oxidative desulphurization of diesel fuel has led to the development of CANDES Plus, a process resulting in cetane numbers up to 157.  The current practice for increasing a cetane number in diesel fuel is to add a small amount of alkyl nitrates which gives, at best, a cetane number increase by 8. Biodiesel has a cetane number ranging between 60 and 70. CANDES Plus builds on CANDES, a patented NRCan technology, which could be installed in or beside any petroleum refinery.

Additional background information about CANDES and CANDES Plus can be found on the following webpages:

Canadian Patents database: 

CANDES - Canadian Patent 2,398,764
CANDES Plus - Canadian Patent 2,809,701

The United States Patents and Trademark Office:

CANDES - US Patent 6,673236 B2
CANDES Plus - US Patent Application 2013-0220881-A1

Expression of Interest

Submit a business plan by May 31, 2017 to express interest in commercializing CANDES Plus and to clearly outline your proposal to penetrate the Canadian and other markets.

Send your business plan to:
Intellectual Property Division
580 Booth Street, Ottawa, ON K1A 0E4