The Atlas of Canada

Atlas of Canada

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Since 1906, the Atlas of Canada has offered a rich treasury of geographic information for all Canadians. You'll find hundreds of online maps about Canada's environment, society, economy and history.

  • Interactive Maps: This section provides access to a selection of interactive maps produced by Natural Resources Canada.
  • Toporama - Mapping Tool: Continuous map coverage for all of Canada is available from national to regional and local topographic scales. The dynamic map viewer offers features for searching place names, zooming and panning, measuring distances, getting coordinates and more.
  • Reference Maps: Reference maps encompass international, national and provincial maps in addition to basic black and white outline maps that include capital city locations and/or names.
  • Map Archives: All of The Atlas of Canada's maps are freely available for downloading. This includes all past six editions, federal election and poster maps and many others.
  • Wall Maps: This section provides a description and purchasing information for a series of national and international printed wall maps produced by the Atlas of Canada.
  • Selected Thematic Maps: This section provides access to a selection of downloadable thematic maps produced by the Atlas of Canada.

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Many data resources are available from The Atlas of Canada.