Some publications on geographical names

Publications of the GNBC and its individual members include policy documents and manuals, gazetteers, glossaries, newsletters and brochures. Some of these sell for a variety of prices, some items are available free of charge. For more information please contact the GNBC Secretariat or individual GNBC members.

Free of charge

  • Publications
  • Canoma Index, Volumes 1-26, 1975-2000
    • Twenty-six volumes of Canoma, each of two issues, have been printed between 1975 and 2000. Articles included in these volumes are indexed in this alphabetical list.
    • Each item is referenced by title and by author. Where applicable, a citation is also included under the name of a province or territory, an individual, a committee, or a particular topic within the field of toponymy.

For sale

Publications available from:

Government of Canada Publications
Publishing and Depository Services
Public Works and Government Services Canada
Ottawa ON K1A 0S9
Phone: 1-800-635-7943 (toll free), (613) 941-5995 (local)
Fax: 1-800-565-7757 (toll free), (613) 954-5779 (local)

Publications available from:

Les Publications du Québec
Case postale 1005
Québec, Québec G1K 7B5
Tel.: (418) 643-5150
Fax: (418) 643-6177
Free within Quebec:
Tel.: 1-800-463-2100
Fax: 1-800-561-3479
  • Noms et lieux du Québec: dictionnaire illustré (2006)
    ISBN: 2-551-19669-8
    Price: $92.95

Publications available for sale from GNBC Secretariat:

  • Aboriginal Canadian Geographical Names: an annotated bibliography - 1997 :
    Price: $20.00 (plus tax) for hard copy publication or Download [PDF, 869.7 kb]
  • Concise Gazetteer of Canada (1997):
    Digital format
    Catalogue No. M86-16/1997-1-MR1
    ISBN 0-660-60252-0
    Price: $90.00