Abbreviations and symbols for the geographical names of the provinces and territories

When shortened forms of the names of the provinces and territories are required for general purpose use, the English and French abbreviations shown in the second and fourth columns are recommended. The two-letter symbol, used for example in addresses with postal codes, is listed in the centre column.
Province / Territory Abbrev. Symbol / Symbole Abrév. Province / Territoire
Alberta Alta. AB Alb. Alberta
British Columbia B.C. BC C.-B. Colombie-Britannique
Manitoba Man. MB Man. Manitoba
New Brunswick N.B. NB N.-B. Nouveau-Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador N.L.* NL T.-N.-L.* Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador
Northwest Territories N.W.T. NT T.N.-O. Territoires du Nord-Ouest
Nova Scotia N.S. NS N.-É. Nouvelle-Écosse
Nunavut - NU** - Nunavut
Ontario Ont. ON Ont. Ontario
Prince Edward Island P.E.I. PE Î.-P.-É. Île-du-Prince-Édouard
Quebec Que. QC Qc Québec
Saskatchewan Sask. SK Sask. Saskatchewan
Yukon*** Y.T. YT Yn Yukon

* On 6 December 2001, the Governor General of Canada proclaimed the constitutional amendment changing the name of the Province of Newfoundland to Newfoundland and Labrador.

** The symbol for Nunavut is NU as of 18 December 2000. There is, as yet, no abbreviation for Nunavut, although that will come in time.

*** Effective 1 April 2003, the name of the territory became Yukon, as per the Yukon Act (c. 7 SC 27 March, 2002). A new postal symbol and a new abbreviation have not been determined.