National Hydro Network (NHN) - 389 new watersheds (WS)

February 24, 2017


Publication of 389 NHN datasets, namely: 267 NHN-CL3 watersheds, 117 NHN-CL2 watersheds and 5 NHN-CL1 watersheds. With the publication of these new watersheds, the Canadian landmass is nearly entirely covered by data allowing the analysis of hydrological networks (NHN-CL2 or NHN-CL3), a task that will be completed by December 31st of 2017.


Within the framework of an agreement with the province of Quebec, 31 NHN-CL3 watersheds were produced using federal data. This completes the coverage of northern Quebec in NHN-CL3 or NHN_CL2 compliant.

With the competition of 74 new NHN_CL3 watersheds in Saskatchewan, all watersheds covering this province are now NHN-CL3 compliant.

With 29 new NHN_CL3 watersheds completed in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, more than 95% of watersheds covering the northern continental part of Canada are now NHN-CL3 compliant.

We also make available 51 new NHN_CL3 watersheds in the Atlantic Provinces: 2 watersheds in Prince Edward Island, 40 watersheds in Newfoundland and Labrador and 9 watersheds in Nova Scotia.

32 Canada/USA bi-national watersheds were regenerated as part of our data maintenance efforts (mainly data with better resolution).

Furthermore, 54 watersheds in NHN-CL2 or NHN-CL3 were produced to correct discrepancies, including 6 watersheds in Alberta due to the updated data of Fort McMurray.

In maintenance efforts, several watersheds were regenerated following watershed limits redefinitions.

For more information, please refer to the National Hydro Network (NHN) - Release Notes.