Canada Map Office

How to obtain a topographic map?

For more information on how to obtain a topographic map, please select any of the four links listed below:

  1. Through a Map Dealer
  2. Through the GeoGratis website
  3. Through a Regional Distribution Centre
  4. Through a Certified Map Printer

Maps that you receive are up-to-date only to the year indicated on the map.  Therefore, care must be taken when using topographic maps to prevent unnecessary accidents or other losses.

To obtain technical information about topographic maps:

Natural Resources Canada
Customer Support Group
Telephone:  1-800-661-2638 (Canada and USA) or 1-819-564-4857
Fax:  (819) 564-5698

1- Map Dealers

The purchase of topographic maps can be made from any of over 900 map dealers across Canada, the United States and overseas.  To find map dealers in your area, please consult the Yellow Pages under ‘MAPS’.

2- GeoGratis website

High quality, print-ready copies of our topographic maps can be freely downloaded from the GeoGratis website. On the GeoGratis website, in the "Geographic Location" section indicate the region of interest, in the "Subject keywords" section indicate "CanMatrix Print Ready" and click "Maps" option for the "Product Type".

3- Regional Distribution Centres

The  Regional Distribution Centres distribute topographic maps to map dealers.

4- Certified Map Printers

High-quality printed copies of topographic maps are available from local Certified Map Printers for on-demand printing.

For aeronautical charts, please visit the NAV CANADA website and click on the "Publications" tab.

For hydrographic (nautical) charts, please visit the Fisheries and Oceans Canada website and click on “Nautical Charts” in the sidebar.