Tools and Applications


NRCan updated GeoGratis to facilitate searching, discovering and downloading of geospatial data. All maps, geospatial data and publications are available at no fee and are subject to a license with no restrictions. The search is straight forward using geographic location, keywords, and product types. An advanced search is also available with more specific search parameters.

The GeoGratis website contains more than 900,000 downloadable files including:


  • Topographic maps for all of Canada
  • More than 10,000 scanned maps from the Geological Survey of Canada dating back to the mid-1800s
  • All maps from The Atlas of Canada since 1906


  • Framework data (national scale)
  • Remotely Sensed Data (satellite, airborne, sonar, etc.)
  • Elevation models (elevation and surface)


  • Geoscience research publications from the Geological Survey of Canada
  • Articles on remote sensing, geospatial standards and more.

Geospatial Data Extraction

This Geospatial Data Extraction tool allows for the dynamic creation of elevation products and the extraction of vector data. Obtain data from seamless national datasets based on a user-defined geographic area and customized data options. Greyed out or disabled options become available as you zoom-in on the map.

The Atlas of Canada – Toporama

To locate a place name in Canada or visualize maps, please visit The Atlas of Canada.

Tools for the creation and editing of Metadata files ISO-19915-NAP and Catalogue Files ISO 19110 and ISO 19110-VCNP

These user-friendly and standalone tools allow for the creation and the editing of XML Metadata and Catalogue files.  Metadata files will conform to the North American Profile (NAP) of the ISO 19115: Geographic Information – Metadata (FTP) while the Catalogue files will conform to the ISO 19110: Methodology for Feature Cataloging (FTP) or the Catalogue National Profile (VCNP) of the ISO 19110: Methodology for Feature Cataloging (FTP). User just has to fill in the fields and/or edit the displayed values required by the selected tool.