CGDI Initiatives

GeoConnections has partners with many organizations to develop key pilot projects that will provide best practices for the management of geospatial data.

2013 Initiatives (as-of March 2013)

Open 511 - Open North Project

TheOpen North Project will develop an integrated and standard framework to manage and publish road events.

Project Output: A standard that can be used for road events; an application that will allow users to enter events and share them.

Implementation of a CGDI-Enabled Collaborative Framework for Improved Management of Canada’s Public Infrastructure System

The Implementation for a CGDI-Enabled Collaborative Framework for Improved Management of Canada’s Public Infrastructure System project will develop, implement and demonstrate an innovative framework and technical solution for sharing authoritative geospatial and lifecycle information on Canada’s public infrastructure (water and transportation) including standards development.

Project Outputs: A set of comprehensive geospatial-based data models for infrastructure components; a data repository populated with infrastructure data supplied by municipal and provincial collaborators; a set of applications that support decision-making related to economic and public safety issues; communications material to promote infrastructure data standards and raiser awareness of the critical role that CGDI can play to help address infrastructure challenges in Canada.

Open Licensing Project: International and Interoperable Licensing Standards for Canadian Data

The Open Licensing Project will provide Canadian data providers and users with the legal tools, legal standards and know-how necessary to share and use data

Project Outputs: Host a Creative Commons workshop to educate and network stakeholders on Creative Commons licensing options; develop a Creative Commons Canada website; develop and release a Data Compatibility Toolkit; develop a Licensing Risk Assessment Toolkit that allows users to select a particular license and plainly analyse the legal risk to which they may expose themselves.

GeoFoundation Exchange Prototype

The GeoFoundation Exchange (GFX) Prototype will implement an exchange capability in the eventual production environment that will support establishment of government-centric national base map for all users

Project Outputs: Standard data models for seven essential base layers (leveraging GeoBase models) for use by municipal, provincial and federal project partners; establishment of project steering committee and development of GFX business case; creation of the GeoFoundation Exchange technology infrastructure to suppose the timely collection,  maintenance and exchange of basemap data; a mechanism to allow users to enter observations about the stat stores in the GFX; GFX implementation in a cloud-computing environment (Canadian hosted); automated tools to update the GFX core database from partner data (ESRI and non-ESRI data providers); communications and outreach to encourage additional users of the GFX at the data provider and consumer level.

Canadian Earth Observation Data Access and Services

The Canadian Earth Observation Data Access and Services will establish the Earth observation data archive structure and long-term preservation environment based on the Open Archival Information System Reference Model and Long-Term Data Preservation Common Guidelines to ensure that Canada’s investment in remote sensing will be safeguarded and accessible.

Project Outputs: Policy framework and guides required to implement new data archive within the Canadian Centre for Remote Sensing of Natural Resources Canada

National Imagery Service

TheNational Imagery Service will develop a multi-organizational strategy for deploying a National Imagery service in the Cloud and demonstrate multi-agency interoperability based on access to federal and provincial government imagery data

Project Outputs: A National Imagery Service with a large volume of imagery from collaborating partners; Service model; business model; policies, best practices, and recommendations for an effective, collaborative, standards-compliant imagery service in Canada

Water and Environmental Hub

The Water and Environmental Hub project will expand upon and enhance the capabilities of the current WEHUB (water information portal), to enable more OGC service offerings and increase data offerings.

Project Outputs: Improved access to more geospatial tools, applications and dataset; new geospatial datasets; enhancements to the WEHUB platform; development (enhancement) to the WEHUB API tool.