National Air Photo Library

As a result of a government wide web renewal exercise to improve user experience, the functionality of the National Air Photo Library (NAPL) online application (formerly ‘NAPL Online’) has been integrated into the National Earth Observation Data Framework (NEODF) Catalogue. This catalogue enables public and government users to search and order raw Government of Canada Earth Observation images and archived product managed by NRCan such as aerial photos and satellite imageries.

The National Air Photo Library (NAPL) of Natural Resources Canada archives over 6 million aerial photographs covering all of Canada, some of which date back to the 1920s. Aerial photographs have many practical uses, such as:

  •  map compilation;
  • urban and rural planning;
  • environmental impact assessment;
  • civil law cases, real-estate evaluation;
  • outdoor recreation;
  • and even wall art.

NAPL indexes and stores federal aerial photography for Canada, and maintains a comprehensive historical archive and public reference centre.

The National Earth Observation Data Framework (NEODF) online application allows clients to search and retrieve metadata for over 3 million air photos using several criteria, including:

  • official place name;
  • geographical coordinate;
  • National Topographic System (NTS) map number;
  • roll and photo number.

The National Earth Observation Data Framework (NEODF) online visually depicts the ’footprint’ of air photos on a seamless map background. After a search is completed, the air photos can be ordered from National Air Photo Library (NAPL). For brief search instructions, see the General Online Search Instructions section.

National Air Photo Library
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