Custom Air Photo Mosaics

A mosaic is a photographic reproduction of a series of aerial photographs put together in such a way that the detail of one photograph matches the detail of all adjacent photographs. Mosaics are, for the most part, reproduced at a much smaller scale than the original photography, and consist of three main types: uncontrolled mosaics, semi-controlled mosaics and controlled mosaics.

Uncontrolled Mosaics

  • Prints are laid out so as to join together in a "best fit" scenario.
  • Prints may be tone-matched.

Semi-Controlled Mosaics

  • Most mosaics produced at NAPL are semi-controlled mosaics.
  • The prints used in the mosaic are tone-matched but not rectified.
  • Prints are laid down to fit a map base of the same scale.
  • A title and scale may be added.

Controlled Mosaics

  • Clients must supply a map base as well as a minimum of three (3) ground control points per print.
  • Prints are tone-matched and rectified to fit the map base.


Semi-controlled mosaics are prepared by the National Air Photo Library at a rate of $45.00 per monochrome image used, or $68.00 per colour image used. Copy charges are extra. Rates for uncontrolled and fully controlled mosaics are available upon request.