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The National Earth Observation Data Framework Catalogue (NEODF) online tool allows you to search and retrieve metadata for over 3 million air photos using several criteria, including official place name, geographical coordinate, National Topographic System map number, or Roll and Photo number. NEODF visually depicts the "footprint" of a selected air photos on a seamless map background.  NEODF is worldwide accessible 24 hours / 7 days. After a search is completed, registered users can place an online order from the NEODF.

Please Note

While the National Air Photo Library endeavours to display the coverage of each air photo as accurately as possible within the NEODF online application, the outline depicted is a theoretical "footprint" based on a number of variables such as aircraft altitude, camera focal length and ground elevation. Variations in the methods used to record flight line data as well as the process used to digitize this data will result in differences between the theoretical "footprint" and the actual air photo coverage.

Moreover, if you are ordering photos from the northern part of Canada, i.e., above the 60th parallel of latitude, please verify your choice of air photos with NAPL staff before submitting your order. This request is necessary due to the number of errors we are finding with previously input flight line data for the north. The map projection creates spatial distortion as you move further north and air photo footprint displacement is therefore more apparent in these areas. Your attention to this request will ensure that you will receive the correct air photos for your application. Thank you.

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