Darren Pouliot

Darren Pouliot


Ph.D. in Geography and Environmental Studies, 2006, Carleton University

B.Sc. (Hons) in Forestry, 2000, Lakehead University

Contact Information: Darren Pouliot

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH – Development and evaluation of multi-scale spatial and temporal information extraction methods from remote sensing datasets supporting a range of environmental applications. Main research topics include:

  • Land cover, land cover update, and land cover time series generation.
  • Land surface change detection and monitoring.
  • Satellite time series processing for seasonality\phenology extraction.
  • Structural characterization in regenerating forest environments.
  • Software development for remote sensing and spatial data applications.


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Pouliot, D., R. Latifovic, and I. Olthof. (2009). Trends in vegetation NDVI from 1 km AVHRR data over Canada for the period 1985-2006. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 30:149-168.

Latifovic, R., and D. Pouliot. (2007). Analysis of climate change impacts on lake ice phenology in Canada using the historical satellite data record. Remote Sensing of Environment, 106:492-507.

Pouliot, D., D. King, and D. Pitt. (2006). Competition modelling in high-resolution leaf-off imagery for regeneration assessment. Remote Sensing of Environment, 102:223-236.

Latifovic, R., and D. Pouliot. (2005). Multi-temporal land cover mapping for Canada: methodology and products. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, 31:347-363.

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