Naomi Short


B.Sc Hons. Geography, Southampton University, UK

M.Sc. Remote Sensing and Glaciology, Memorial University, Newfoundland

Contact Information: Naomi Short


Exploitation of advanced satellite radar techniques to monitor Canada’s northern environments.

SAR interferometry for glacier velocity measurements. A decade long program of monitoring glacier dynamics in the High Arctic with radar satellites, contributing to our understanding of High Arctic glaciology and the impacts of climate change in Canada.

SAR interferometry and new sensor investigation for detecting ground movement in permafrost zones. To understand the magnitude of annual cycles, identify areas experiencing long term degradation and quantify the amount of change.

Research into new SAR sensors, processing techniques, applications and implementation.

Technology transfer to the private sector and to other government departments to operationalize satellite based environmental monitoring.


Short, N., B. Brisco, P. Budkewitsch and K. Murnaghan, 2009. ALOS-PALSAR Interferometry for Permafrost Monitoring in Canada, Proceedings of the 3rd ALOS PI Symposium, Nov 9-13, 2009, Hawaii. Alaska SAR Facility.

Brisco, B., N. Short, J. van der Sanden, R. Landry, and D. Raymond, 2009. A semi-automated tool for surface water mapping with RADARSAT-1. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, 35(4):336-344.

Short, N., B. Brisco, A. L. Gray, P. Budkewitsch and K. Murnaghan, 2008. ALOS InSAR for Permafrost Monitoring Applications. Proceedings of the 2nd ALOS  PI Symposium, Nov 3-7, 2008, Rhodes, Greece. SP-664, ESA Communication Production Office.

Short, N. and A.L. Gray, 2005. Glacier dynamics in the Canadian High Arctic from RADARSAT-1 Speckle Tracking, Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, 31(3):225-239.
Best Paper Award 2005

Gray, A. L., N. Short, K.E. Mattar and K.C. Jezek, 2001. Velocities and Flux of the Filchner Ice Shelf and its Tributaries Determined from Speckle Tracking Interferometry, Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, 27(3):193:206. Best Paper Award 2001

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