Ying Zhang


Ph.D. in Atmospheric Physics, 1990, Cologne University, Germany

Contact Information: Ying Zhang


2005 ESS Team Merit Award (Collaboration and Partnership)


Contributing to the NRCan Earth Sciences Sector’s mandate of providing Canadians the updated information about Canadian land surface and topographic maps, with remote sensing sciences and technologies.

  • Developing technology and methodology through scientific research on mapping of land surface features, especially the man-made features, based on earth observation data.
  • The trends and impacts of urbanization on natural environmental changes and resources consumption.
  • Efficient retrieval of the land surface characteristics, such as surface temperature, imperviousness, surface albedo and radiation budget, from remotely sensed imagery.
  • Developing information integration methodology based on diverse remote sensing data from high/low-resolution and optical/radar sensors.
  • Developing improved information retrieval technology for contaminated remote sensing images.


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