Targeted Geoscience Initiative: Increasing Deep Exploration Effectiveness

The Targeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI) is a collaborative federal geoscience program that provides industry with the next generation of geoscience knowledge and innovative techniques, which will result in more effective targeting of buried mineral deposits.

TGI-4 Activity Sites

A simplified bedrock geologic map and a shaded relief map are combined to give a textured geologic perspective of Canada


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TGI-4 Increasing deep exploration effectiveness

A simplified bedrock geologic map and a shaded relief map are combined to give a textured geologic perspective of Canada. The features are shown in pastel colours as a backdrop to the Targeted Geoscience Initiative 4 research sites. These sites are distributed across the country in most of the provinces and territories. There are 6 in the North-West Territories, 2 in Nunavut, 13 in British Columbia, 2 in Saskatchewan, 2 in Manitoba, 9 in Ontario, 10 in Quebec, 10 in Newfoundland and Labrador, 4 in New Brunswick, and 2 in Nova Scotia. There are 5 Sedimentary Exhalative, 13 Specialty Metals, 12 Nickel, Copper and Platinum Group Elements, 13 Intrusion related 5 Volcanic Massive Sulfides, 3 Uranium and 9 Lode Gold.


Current situation

  • The past 30 years have seen a marked decline in proven and probable Canadian mineral reserves in all the major base metals.
  • Deeper exploration for new resources is required because of the increasing rarity of surface discoveries.

Focus of the TGI program

  • developing a more robust means of measuring whether a geological system may contain deeply buried ore and providing a direction to that ore  thereby reducing investment risk and cost
  • developing new and improved geoscience knowledge and techniques to better understand, model and detect Canada’s major mineral systems
  • training and mentoring students to increase the number of highly qualified personnel available to the mineral industry

Program design: Ore System Approach

TGI uses an ore system approach to project definition. This approach will guarantee that the best-suited deposits are used to support the development of next generation of exploration-related geoscience knowledge and methods.

  • TGI is a knowledge-based, thematic program that uses the best examples of ore systems from across Canada.
  • Projects and activities are not centred in a geographic region. Instead, they are thematic and integrate data and knowledge from multiple mining camps across the country (see map).
  • Scientific hypotheses underpin the program and define the critical knowledge gaps within ore systems.


Latest TGI Publications

Results from the previous phase (phase 4; 2010-2015) of the program: