The Refining Sector in Canada

There are currently 12 companies operating refineries in Canada. Only Imperial Oil, Shell and PetroCanada operate more than one refinery and market products nationally. Other refiners generally operate a single refinery and market product in a particular region. These regional refiners include North Atlantic Refining, Irving Oil and Ultramar in the east, Suncor in Ontario and Federated Co-op, Husky and Chevron in the west. Of the 19 refineries in Canada, there are 16 that manufacture the full range of petroleum products. Husky's facility in Lloydminster, Alberta, and the Moose Jaw Asphalt plant in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, are primarily asphalt plants with limited production of other products. The Nova Chemicals facility in Sarnia, Ontario, is a petrochemical plant that also produces some distillate products. There is also a small refinery in Bowden, Alberta, owned by Parkland Industries that is currently shutdown. There are three main refining centres in Canada (Edmonton, Sarnia and Montreal), but most provinces have at least one refinery. Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are the only provinces with no refining capacity and there are no refineries in the territories.

Refineries in Canada 2007 (thousands of cubic metres per day)

Refineries in Canada 2007 (thousands of cubic metres per day)
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Source: NRCan and NEB

Petroleum Products Market

The petroleum products market in Canada is highly competitive, prices paid by consumers may vary based on market conditions.