The total energy consumption of commercial and institutional buildings accounts for 12% of Canada’s secondary energy use and 11% of our national greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Office of Energy Efficiency 2013 report on Energy Efficiency Trends in Canada 1990-2010). At Natural Resources Canada, we recognize the contribution that energy efficiency in the building sector can make towards Canada’s economy, environment and our society. Energy efficiency offers a proven pathway to generate substantial positive impacts – economic advantages for companies, higher employment, improved air quality, reduction in fuel consumption, lower utility bills, reduced pollution and GHGs, and enhanced competitiveness.

Therefore, we work to make buildings more energy efficient We provide programs, renowned energy management training offerings, and other resources that help Canadians who own, manage or operate buildings to incorporate energy management best practices into their operations. We perform research and development and fund programs that support the development, integration, and use of energy-saving technologies Our efforts and expertise contribute to the development and implementation of technologies and programs that lower barriers to adopting more energy efficient practices in the buildings sector and move the sector toward greater adoption of higher performing and net-zero energy buildings. Our work is establishing Canada as a leader in providing and implementing advanced energy solutions in built environments.

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Mountain Equipment Coop building in WinnipegCanmetENERGY develops the expertise and technologies that help to progressively lower barriers and move towards net-zero energy buildings. Its activities aim to reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions of commercial and institutional buildings while improving the comfort of occupants and the air quality. More on Energy Efficient Buildings.

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