Information on energy consumption in commercial and institutional buildings in Canada



Building Optimization

Learn how buildings can optimize energy use, reduce costs, and improve air quality.

Energy Benchmarking

Find out how energy benchmarking can help you save energy and money.

Energy management training

Learn how training can help you take advantage of energy-saving opportunities at your facility.

Heat Pumps

Find out about research being done by CanmetENERGY on heat pump systems.

Solar Photovoltaic Energy in Buildings

Learn how solar photovoltaic technology is reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

CAN-QUEST energy modelling software

Download this software - includes Canadian weather data, support for metric and imperial units, as well as English and French interfaces.

Ecoenergy efficiency for buildings

An overview of Natural Resources Canada’s ecoENERGY Efficiency for Buildings.

Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Read about why and how to improve on energy efficiency in buildings.

Recommissioning Guide

Recommissioning (RCx) optimizes existing buildings to improve occupant comfort and save energy.

DABOTM software

CanmetENERGY has developed this technical management software application for buildings.


Commercial and institutional buildings with refrigeration systems are reducing their environmental impact.

R&D Projects for Energy Efficient Buildings and Communities.

Demonstration Projects for Energy Efficient Buildings and Communities.