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  1. Solar Ready Guidelines for Solar Domestic Hot Water and Photovoltaic Systems
    Download Full Document (PDF document) Natural Resources CanadaCanmetENERGY Ottawa CETC Number ISBN Number: 978-1-100-20633-2 / 2012-04-25 The Solar Ready Guidelines specify a number of design...


  1. Using CO2 for Cold Distribution at a Loblaw Supermarket
    Download Full Document (PDF, 1.6 MB) Authors: Chantal Leroy and Daniel Giguère, Natural Resources Canada               Michael Ross, RER CETC number: 2014-198 Publication date: 2014-10-27...

Heat Pumps

  1. Capturing the Value of Thermal Energy: Innovations in Ejector Technology from CanmetENERGY
    Download Full Document (PDF, 531 KB) Authors: Jacques Martel and Dinesh Parakh, Natural Resources Canada CETC number: 2014-230 Publication date: 2015-01-13 Abstract: Ejectors are thermally...