Canada adopts two photovoltaic module performance standards

Solar Photovoltaic Energy Success Stories

Renewable Electricity program work in codes and standards resulted in significant progress. CanmetENERGY cooperated with CSA in the adoption and publication of two photovoltaic module performance standards: CAN/CSA-C61215:08 on design qualification standard for crystalline Silicon PV modules and the equivalent CAN/CSA C61646:10 for thin film PV modules.
Thin film technologies, a second generation of PV modules, are gaining a larger share of the PV market. Adopting these two international standards provides a technical basis for the design certification of photovoltaic modules sold in Canada and ensures the availability of high quality PV modules for the Canadian market. CanmetENERGY chairs the Canadian national committee to the International Electrotechnical Commission for Solar Photovoltaic with an objective of ensuring harmonization of standards requirements at a global level.

Managed by CanmetENERGY at the Varennes (Quebec) research centre.