The housing sector in Canada provides significant potential for the reduction of our nation’s energy footprint and delivering many other benefits to Canadians. At Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), our objective is to assist homeowners, homebuyers, builders, renovators, designers, and manufacturers in realizing this potential.

  • We support homeowners and homebuyers by providing them with information to help improve the energy efficiency of their homes, save money on energy bills and increase their home’s comfort. 
  • We deliver customized LEEP workshops to accelerate the ability of regional groups of home builders to find, select and trial emerging technologies that improve the energy efficiency and comfort of new homes.
  • We provide builders and industry professionals with tools and services to create a sustainable market for energy-efficient homes.
  • We conduct research to improve the energy efficiency of the homes of tomorrow, in order to reduce the implementation risks, time and costs of industry as they consider when and how to best integrate new technologies and processes into existing construction and manufacturing practices.
  • We are working to identify, assess and integrate renewable energy sources into homes in the most cost efficient way.  

In supporting and promoting energy-efficient homes and the technologies and industry that build them, NRCan is working to provide solutions towards achieving an environmentally sustainable future.

Information: Funding, Grants and Incentives

The Federal Government of Canada manages several Funding, Grants and Incentive programs

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