Opportunity for Gas Heating Systems

This is an invitation to manufacturers of highly efficient gas furnaces and combination space and water heating systems (combos) to express their interest in presenting at some building industry workshops that are focused on homes with design heating loads of 25,000 btuh or less.

To be eligible, manufacturers must have products and systems that meet the minimum requirements (see below) and e-mail Natural Resources Canada’s Local Energy Efficiency Partnership (LEEP) team at nrcan.LEEP.rncan@canada.ca to let us know your interest by May 4, 2017. Your e-mail must include an attachment that demonstrates your furnace or combo meets the minimum requirements (using the Natural Resources Canada energy efficiency reporting template for furnaces tested to CSA P.2-13, and using the combo performance specification summary for combos tested to CSA P.9-11). Note that for combos, an emailed response is to include both the air handler and water heater or boiler manufacturer on the particular P.9 combo performance specification summary. A manufacturer may be part of more than one pair of manufacturers that express their interest.

All responding manufacturers with eligible products and systems will be invited to a webinar that will explain: the workshops, further information needed from manufacturers, and how manufacturers will be selected to participate.

These workshops are being supported by the Canadian Gas Association and some of its member utilities. They will start in October 2017. The workshops will target builds that range in energy performance from ENERGY STAR for New Homes to R-2000. The LEEP workshop delivery model will be followed with up to 4 manufacturers (2 furnace and 2 combo) each presenting their full best practice HVAC solutions for specific case study homes. (For more on LEEP, see this link: http://www.nrcan.gc.ca/energy/efficiency/housing/leep/17338). Manufacturers will self-fund their efforts preparing for and participating in the workshops. All requests to participate are to come from manufacturers. Manufacturers will involve supply chain partners in the steps that follow.

Minimum furnace and combo performance requirements:

Manufacturers must have furnaces or combos that meet the following minimum requirements:

  • The furnace, or the water heater or boiler used in a combo, must be capable of operating at a firing rate of 30,000 btuh or less.
  • Furnaces must also be ENERGY STAR certified or have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of 95% or more.
  • Combos must also have a Thermal Performance Factor (TPF) of 0.86 or more.

Note that higher efficiency ratings will be an asset in selecting the presenting manufacturers.  Builders that choose to follow the ENERGY STAR for New Homes Standard’s prescriptive approach need products that can meet, at a minimum, the core Builder Option Package (BOP) requirements in their region.