EnerGuide rating 0-100 scale - New Homes

EnerGuide rating


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The more efficient a house, the higher the rating number

 0 represents a house with major air leakage, no insulation and high fuel consumption. In other words, a house with poor energy efficiency and high utility costs.

100 represents an airtight and well-insulated house where energy purchased and energy generated, through renewable sources, is equal. Also called a ‘net-zero’ home.

See how your home measures below:



House Characteristics Typical ERS Rating
Existing house not upgraded 0 to 50
Upgraded existing house 51 to 65
Energy-efficient upgraded existing house 66 to 74
New house built to building code standards without energy requirements 70 to 76
New house built to building code standards containing energy requirements 77 to 80
Energy efficient new house 81 to 85
High-performance, energy efficient new house 86 to 99
Net zero house (energy purchased and energy generated, through renewable sources, is equal) 100



EnerGuide label


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  • Informs you about your home’s energy performance – the higher the number, the more energy-efficient your home is.
  • An estimate of the electricity, natural gas or oil that you can expect to consume each year.
  • Shows you what you don’t see – how the home uses energy.
  • Helps you identify how energy-efficient your home is compared to other homes across Canada.
  • Official record of your homes’ energy performance backed by the Government of Canada.
  • May be used to access incentive programs if available in your region.



The estimated energy use in your home is based on a number of standard operating assumptions (e.g.number of occupants and specific thermostat settings). The standard operating conditions allow for comparisons of all houses so you get an objective measure to compare your house to another in your region.


EnerGuide evaluation report


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  • Your home's Energy efficiency rating
  • Estimated energy consumption by end use (e.g. space heating, hot water, lights and appliances)
  • Energy saving and maintenance tips for your new home