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CONSUMER CAUTION! Homeowners should be aware of any type of deceptive door-to-door sales tactics that claim to have Natural Resources Canada backing. Natural Resources Canada and its legitimate brands – ENERGY STAR, EnerGuide and EcoENERGY NEVER perform or authorize others to perform unsolicited inspections on home equipment or visit homeowners to sell products. EnerGuide home evaluations are always arranged through licensed service organizations and Natural Resources Canada never performs or authorizes others to perform unsolicited energy assessments or evaluations. Consult our website for a listing of licensed service organizations that deliver EnerGuide home evaluations in your area. See more details about unauthorized inspections and sales of home equipment and ways to deal with deceptive door-to-door services.


ENERGY STAR is an internationally recognized brand and a trusted symbol for identifying energy-efficient products (e.g. kitchen appliances, televisions, etc.) and new homes.

In little more than a decade, the blue ENERGY STAR symbol has become a consumer icon in Canada and has come to represent the standard of premium energy efficiency in many product categories. Since 2005, energy-efficient new homes can also be ENERGY STAR qualified.

Its guiding star is well known and trusted by Canadians as the mark of high energy efficiency performance.

What is an ENERGY STAR® home?

An ENERGY STAR® qualified new home is on average 20 percent more energy efficient than a home built to code. These homes present a practical choice for homeowners looking for a new home that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

What sets an ENERGY STAR home apart?

It’s really the energy savings of an ENERGY STAR home that separate it from other homes on the market.

Typical features of an ENERGY STAR home include:

  • Efficient heating and cooling systems that use less energy, reduce indoor humidity and improve the overall comfort of your home.
  • High-performance ENERGY STAR windows, patio doors, and skylights keep the heat in during the winter and out during the summer.
  • Walls and ceilings insulated beyond what is required by the building code.
  • A variety of ENERGY STAR products which use less electricity by meeting strict technical specifications.
  • A heat or energy recovery ventilation system (HRV or ERV) ensures your home has controlled ventilation.

Every ENERGY STAR home is:

  • Constructed by trained builders who are licensed by the Government of Canada.
  • Awarded an ENERGY STAR label approved by the Government of Canada.
  • Issued a certificate by the Government of Canada.

ENERGY STAR certificate and label

Every ENERGY STAR homeowner will receive NRCan’s ENERGY STAR certificate and label. The certificate is given to the homeowner by the builder and the label is placed on the electrical panel.

ENERGY STAR Certificate

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ENERGY STAR for New Homes Standard

The ENERGY STAR for New Homes Standard was developed by the Government of Canada and Canada’s home building professionals. Builders can meet the standard by meeting an energy performance target or build based on predetermined conditions.

What is the difference between ENERGY STAR and R-2000 homes?

Both ENERGY STAR and R-2000 new homes offer a number of energy saving features to provide maximum energy efficiency for your home. R-2000 homes also have clean air and environmental features that make them some of the most energy-efficient homes on the market.

How does the EnerGuide Rating System factor into ENERGY STAR?

The EnerGuide Rating System is Natural Resources Canada’s well-established rating tool, which is used for measuring energy efficiency in homes. An ENERGY STAR builder may utilize the EnerGuide Rating System to ensure your home meets an energy efficiency target. However, not all ENERGY STAR homes get an EnerGuide rating as builders have the option of choosing a building options package that does not require an EnerGuide rating. The building options package ensures that a certain level of energy performance is achieved.

If your home has undergone an EnerGuide evaluation, your home’s electrical panel will have an EnerGuide label in addition to the ENERGY STAR label.

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