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Link to the Invitation to Respond to a Call for Proposals: Multi-sectoral projects that drive demand for energy efficiency and energy conservation in Canada

Learn about energy efficiency housing programs

Learn about opportunities to make Natural Resources Canada’s energy efficiency housing programs such as EnerGuide Rating System, ENERGY STAR for New Homes and R-2000 part of your business.

How do I become an energy advisor?

Learn more about what is involved in the process of becoming an energy advisor registered with Natural Resources Canada.

Contact us to access technical standards and procedures

Get familiar with EnerGuide Rating System, ENERGY STAR for New Homes and R-2000 Standards and other documents relevant for program delivery.

Download HOT2000 Modeling Software

Download this energy simulation and design tool for low-rise residential buildings used for energy efficiency programs.

Build energy-efficient new homes

Learn how to become a licensed builder and offer your customers energy-efficient new homes such as ENERGY STAR and R-2000.

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If you are already licensed or registered as a service organization, builder or energy advisor, take advantage of our resource centre and download administrative and technical documents, training materials, and marketing resources.