Canada’s industrial sector accounts for 38% of our nation’s energy use and 34% of related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Office of Energy Efficiency, 2013). Natural Resource Canada (NRCan) works with industrial organizations to promote energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions. We provide a wide range of program measures through the  Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC), including newsletters, webinars, workshops, and networking. We provide information on industrial equipment, standards and regulations, and offer financial assistance to industrial facilities interested in improving their energy efficiency.  In addition to providing funding in support of science and technology for the improvement and development of industrial processes and technologies, NRCan conducts various innovative research projects, in particular related to the effective use of energy and reduction of energy consumption. Our unique testing facilities and close ties to industry, especially to steel, metallurgical coal, pulp and paper and petroleum producers allow us to conduct innovative research programs that provide positive environmental impacts and reduce production costs. Together, NRCan’s clean energy research groups and energy efficiency measures are aiding Canadian industry to maintain a competitive advantage on the international market.

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