To be eligible for financial assistance, an industrial facility must be registered with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) as a CIPEC Leader and have its proposal approved by NRCan before any work begins.

To be eligible as an energy management project, a project should:

  • Align with program objectives
  • Demonstrate potential for learning and/or replication
  • Have results that can be disseminated in order to promote energy management best practices
  • Have potential to recommend technical projects and practices that represent energy savings

To be eligible for an ISO 50001 implementation pilot, a company must have:

  • Senior management support and commitment
  • Participation of employees/consultants with experience in energy management standards (ISO, ANSI or others)
  • Commitment to monitor and report on results for a specified period of time

Eligible Costs

  • Development of energy baseline
  • Energy use assessment
  • Energy performance monitoring and reporting
  • Professional fees
  • Training
  • Salaries of internal employees for work related to the implementation of the pilots or energy management projects

Ineligible Costs 

  • Equipment purchases
  • Capital projects

About Energy Management Projects

Funding Process

Preparing a Proposal