Tembec, Skookumchuck, BC

CanmetENERGY carried out a process integration study at the Tembec mill located in Skookumchuck, British Columbia, in order to determine how the Canadian pulp and paper industry could reduce its water and energy consumption. The process integration approach is used to systematically examine all the ways in which energy is used throughout an industrial facility, and how its various system components interact with one another.

The Skookumchuck plant was already recognized as being one of the most energy- and water-efficient plants in Canada, meaning that any additional energy savings discovered at this particular mill would surely indicate an even greater potential for savings at other plants.

Substantial Savings

The process integration study yielded very impressive results, especially seeing as the plant was already quite efficient. A set of measures were proposed, ranging from vacuum pump water recovery to heat recovery system improvements to dryer exhaust. These measures allowed:

  • Reducing the freshwater demand by 20% and, consequently, reducing effluent volumes
  • Reducing the process steam demands and increasing power generation by about 4 MW

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