Recommissioning for Buildings

Reviewing the Propositions

Natural Resources Canada is finalizing the review of expressions of interest from training firms to enter into a commercial licensing arrangement to administer the delivery of Dollars to $ense workshops to industrial, commercial and institutional organizations across Canada.

Reduce expenses and increase revenue with building recommissioning. 

Recommissioning (RCx) is a re-optimization process for existing buildings that improves a building's overall performance by optimizing energy efficient design features and directly addressing equipment performance and system integration issues.

Through improved building operations, your organization can save between 5% and 15% on whole-building energy use. Want to learn how? Attend Natural Resources Canada’s "Recommissioning for Buildings" workshop.

The "Recommissioning for Buildings" workshop introduces building owners and managers to the benefits and processes of building recommissioning and teaches several key skills that are needed to launch, manage and maximize the benefits of recommissioning projects. This workshop is not designed for recommissioning practitioners.

Based on the Recommissioning (RCx) Guide for Building Owners and Managers, the workshop will provide the support and guidance needed to encourage and hopefully persuade building owners and managers to initiate and manage RCx projects.

Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops to have the RCx Guide downloaded to refer to during the workshop.

Learn how to:

  • understand the costs and benefits of recommissioning
  • plan, develop and implement a recommissioning project
  • quantify and allocate a budget for your RCx project
  • generate a business case
  • choose a building to recommission
  • select a recommissioning provider
  • track and analyze project results

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

Professionals involved in building design, management and operation:

  • directors or chiefs of engineering
  • property or facility managers
  • property management firms
  • operations and maintenance staff
  • control technicians and building automation supervisors
  • recommissioning service providers
  • consultants in energy management

* This workshop is not designed for recommissioning practitioners.