Electric Vehicles


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Government of Canada

Investing $182.5M in electric vehicle charging and refuelling for fuels such as natural gas and hydrogen.

Making the switch to a low carbon economy

The Government of Canada is committed to providing national leadership on climate change and growing Canada’s economy by making investments in green infrastructure, clean technologies and lower-carbon transportation options.

To address consumer concerns regarding the low availability of charging/refuelling infrastructure, Budget 2016 committed $62.5 million to support electric vehicle (EV) and alternative fuel infrastructure.

The Government of Canada will invest $16.4 million to establish more than 80 new charging units for electric vehicles, as well as natural gas and hydrogen refuelling stations along key transportation corridors. 

Another $46.1 million will support demonstration projects that are expected to result in the installation of more than 200 next-generation EV charging stations to be tested in real-world settings including public transit, heavy-duty vehicles, multi-unit residential sites and wireless charging applications.

Budget 2017 builds on these investments with an additional $120 million to deploy infrastructure for electric vehicle charging and refuelling stations for alternative fuels such as natural gas and hydrogen, as well as to support technology demonstration projects and to develop enabling codes and standards.

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