EnerGuide Label for Vehicles

EnerGuide is the official Government of Canada mark for rating and labelling the energy consumption or energy efficiency of products including new vehicles, appliances, heating and cooling equipment, and houses that have had an energy efficiency evaluation. For more information, visit EnerGuide in Canada.

The EnerGuide Label for Vehicles is affixed to all new light-duty vehicles available for retail sale in Canada, including passenger cars, vans, pickup trucks and SUVs. The label provides model-specific fuel consumption information for the vehicle to which it is affixed. Use the EnerGuide label to compare new vehicle fuel consumption information and identify the most fuel-efficient new vehicle that meets your everyday needs.

The EnerGuide label is affixed to the vehicle alone or as part of the vehicle options and price label. EnerGuide labels should remain on new vehicles until they are sold. If a new vehicle has no label, ask the dealer for the manufacturer’s fuel consumption information for the vehicle.

New EnerGuide label for model year 2016

Beginning with 2016 model year vehicles, a redesigned EnerGuide label will be affixed to new light-duty vehicles, providing you with more comprehensive fuel consumption and environmental information. The fuel consumption ratings shown on the new label will be based on the improved testing introduced for model year 2015 vehicles. Below is a sample label for a gasoline vehicle – slightly different labels will appear on vehicles that use different types of fuel.

An image of a new vehicle label that displays fuel consumption information for prospective buyers

New EnerGuide label for model year 2016

1. Vehicle technology and fuel - text and related icon identifying the type of fuel used by the vehicle

2. Fuel consumption - a prominent combined fuel consumption rating and separate city and highway fuel consumption ratings in litres per 100 kilometres (L/100 km). The combined rating reflects 55 percent city and 45 percent highway driving.

3. Fuel economy - the combined rating expressed in miles per imperial gallon (mi/gal)

4. Annual fuel cost - an estimate based on the combined fuel consumption rating, 20,000 km driven and the fuel price indicated

5. Vehicle class range - the best and worst combined fuel consumption ratings of vehicles in the same class

6. CO2 and smog ratings - the vehicle’s tailpipe emissions of CO2 and smog-forming pollutants rated on a scale from 1 (worst) to 10 (best). The CO2 emissions, in grams per kilometre driven, are shown on the CO2 bar

7. QR code - a Quick Response code that links smartphone users to Natural Resources Canada’s Fuel Consumption Ratings Search Tool