Five Techniques to Save Money and Help Protect the Environment

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Cut your fuel consumption—and costs!—by up to 25 percent with these five easy fuel-efficient driving techniques:

  1. Accelerate gently.

    Stopped? Take about five seconds to accelerate to 20 kilometres per hour. Imagine an egg under your accelerator pedal and an open, nearly full cup of coffee on your dashboard. Don’t break the shell or spill the drink!

  2. Maintain a steady speed.

    Be consistent. Unintentional dips in speed and sudden bursts of acceleration to keep pace take a toll on your tank—and your wallet. To optimize your fuel savings, consider using cruise control for highway driving where conditions permit.

  3. Anticipate traffic.

    Observe vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles on the road around you. Leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front, and plan your manoeuvres well in advance to maintain your vehicle’s momentum and avoid unnecessary stops.

  4. Coast to decelerate.

    Come to slow stops without hitting the brakes. Simply take your foot off the accelerator and coast which on today’s vehicles shuts off fuel to the engine.

  5. Avoid high speeds.

    Most cars, vans, SUVs and pick-up trucks operate most fuel efficiently when travelling between 50 and 80 km/h. Above this optimal speed zone, vehicles consume increasingly more fuel per distance travelled.

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By putting these five techniques into action, you can save up to $500 dollars a year. Drive the most fuel-efficient vehicle for your needs and you can save even more. Learn what to look for in a new or used vehicle in Module 3: The Vehicle for You.