Commercial Vehicles

Natural Resources Canada's ecoENERGY Efficiency for Vehicles program aims to reduce energy use and emissions from transportation in Canada. The program offers fuel efficient driver training, provides energy information to vehicle consumers, and encourages freight companies to make their operations as energy efficient as possible.

Heavy-duty Vehicles


FleetSmart provides access to training and educational tools and information that help owner-operators, commercial and institutional fleet owners and managers improve the fuel efficiency of their operations.


Fuel Management 101
The Fuel Management 101 workshop gives fleet managers practical advice and tools to help you save money on fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Driver Training


Becoming a SmartDriver is a cost-effective, safe and responsible way to reduce costs and the environmental impact of fleet operations, reducing GHG's and improving air quality

Light duty Vehicles

SmartDriver in the City

Medium to light duty vehicles, SmartDriver in the City has been designed for fleets that operate within a 100 km radius, an urban core.

Instructor Guide Cover

The Auto$mart Driver Education Kit is a free teaching resource for driver educators to help teach students how to buy, drive and maintain their vehicles in ways that will reduce fuel consumption and increase road safety. Written for teenagers, these materials fit into your current driver education program. These tools demonstrate how fuel-efficient driving is safe driving, and how saving fuel saves money and helps protect the environment by reducing vehicle emissions.

If you are a driver educator or are involved in driver training and wish to incorporate the Auto$mart Driver Education Kit into your training program, register today. Schools that register for the Auto$mart Driver Education Kit will be added to our Web site in the section "Find a driving school near you," unless you indicate otherwise on your registration form.