Mark Dalton

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Who is Mark Dalton?

Mark Dalton is the fictional truck owner-operator in short stories by Edo van Belkom, originally published in Truck News and Truck West magazines. Available free through FleetSmart, Dalton’s mystery-adventure stories have proven to be an informative and entertaining way to show the direct link between smart driving and fuel savings.

Novel 1: Mark Dalton — SmartDriver 1 [PDF, 1.3 mb]

Smartdriver [ZIP, 256 mb]

Mark Dalton is an owner-operator who just wants to make a living behind the wheel. He can't help it if adventure and intrigue cross his path at every turn. From bad border crossings to attempted murder, trouble seems to find him no matter where he is. And this time, trouble comes in the form of Jimmy, the brash young nephew of Mark’s dispatcher, Bud, who convinces Mark to coach the young man on a trip across Canada. Jimmy thinks he knows everything about fuel-efficient driving, but he learns otherwise during an eye-opening trip that includes stolen cars, hijacking, kidnapping, road rage and attempted murder.

Novel 2: Mark Dalton — SmartDriver 2: Trouble Load [PDF, 919 KB]

Trouble Load [ZIP, 302 mb]

After his cross-country adventure with Jimmy, Mark Dalton is looking forward to an uneventful drive home and some well-earned time off. But things rarely go as planned. Mark’s rig breaks down. Then, once they’re back on the road, California suddenly becomes their destination with a load to deliver. Although they still try to drive with fuel efficiency in mind, it’s not easy on a tight schedule and in a different country where things are strange and the rules have changed.

Novel – 3: Mark Dalton — SmartDriver 3: On Ice [PDF, 865 KB]

SmartDriver On Ice [ZIP, 395 mb]

After traveling across Canada and through the United States, Mark Dalton and his protégé, Jimmy, are finally going home—until they’re re-routed to the Northwest Territories, where the safest place is on the ice. Mark and Jimmy learn quickly about the strict rules of ice-road driving and the need to be prepared physically and mentally for extreme conditions off and on the ice.

How to order

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Mark Dalton Quiz

After reading Volume 1 of the Mark Dalton book series, you can take the SmartDriver Self-study Challenge, a 25-question multiple-choice quiz. Once you complete the quiz, FleetSmart will send a certificate of recognition. If Web access is not always available, request a hard copy of the quiz and FleetSmart will send it to you in the mail.

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