Electricity Infrastructure


Sustainable electricity power generation, transmission, and distribution has become increasingly important in today’s world due to climate change and tighter integration between neighbouring systems. At Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), our research groups work on the various aspects of electricity infrastructure to develop a diverse set of innovative technologies that will make electricity cleaner and more reliable. Our researchers strive to find ways to make power generation more environmentally sustainable through increased efficiency and reduced emissions from conventional generators and increased use of renewables. In regards to transmission and distribution, we support research into and adoption of the smart grid by bringing together and funding the innovative science and technological initiatives of academics, industry, and utilities. We also conduct our own research & development on technologies, and are members of various national and international working groups and standards bodies. By coordinating and participating in research, development, and demonstration activities in the field of electricity infrastructure, NRCan is helping Canada to take a leading role in protecting the environment and, the reliability of supply, while maintaining its economic competitiveness.

Varennes Research Centre

Research Facilities at NRCanCanmetENERGY in Varennes, located near Montreal, leads programs in Buildings and Communities, Renewables and Smart Grid, Industrial Processes and manages the world-leading RETScreen International Clean Energy Decision Support Centre. We design and implement clean energy solutions, and build on knowledge that helps produce and use energy in ways that are more efficient and sustainable.

Information: Funding, Grants and Incentives

The Federal Government of Canada manages several Funding, Grants and Incentive programs

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