Canadian Smart Grid Standards Roadmap

Release of the Canadian Smart Grid Standards Roadmap

The Canadian Smart Grid Standards Roadmap: A strategic planning document (PDF, 907 KB) was released on October 16, 2012, by the Standards Council of Canada. CanmetENERGY was a major partner in the development of this roadmap.

The roadmap is the product of two years of extensive work by the Task Force on Smart Grid Technology and Standards, co-chaired by CanmetENERGY and Electrofederation Canada. The task force includes key utilities, equipment manufacturers, regulators, and federal departments. The document outlines recommendations for a path forward in smart grid technology, as standardization is extremely important to ensure the development of an efficient and effective smart grid. Areas covered include:

  • Smart grid policy, legislation and regulatory considerations
  • Privacy and security requirements
  • Transmission and distribution standards
  • Metering systems standards