Clean Growth in Natural Resource Sectors Program


Under Budget 2017, $200M was provided to support clean technology research, development, and demonstrations in Canada’s Natural Resource Sectors.

Of this, $155 million will be delivered under the Clean Growth in the Natural Resource Sectors Program (CGP) to support clean technology research and development (R&D), and demonstration, including up to first commercial installations, in Canada’s energy, mining and forestry sectors.

The CGP aims to strengthen Federal-Provincial/Territorial coordination and the leveraging of clean technology investments to more effectively help Canada to meet its climate change goals, create economic opportunities, and expand global-market opportunities.  As a result, only projects with provincial and territorial support (financially and/or in-kind) are eligible for funding under the CGP.


A call for letters of interest is expected in the fall.


If you have questions, or wish to contact the program for any reason, please send an e-mail to: