Oil and Gas Clean Tech Projects

Carbon Conversion Technology Centre
InnoTech Alberta, Calgary

Read about this upcoming project to build
a centre for testing CO2 capture and utilization

Pilot Facility for Scale Up and Testing Carbon Capture and Conversion Technologies
CMC Research Institutes

Read about how this pilot facility will assist companies in testing CCUS technologies in order to accelerate development and deployment.

Enhanced Modified VAPour EXtraction R&D Operation
MEG Energy Corp.

Read about this Enhanced Modified VAPour Extraction process which uses energy more cleanly and efficiently by reducing the amount of steam being used in bitumen extraction to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and increase the bitumen recovery, thereby reducing the overall cost of bitumen production. The extracted bitumen is refined to create products such as gasoline, diesel, lubricants and asphalt.

Clean Seas FEED Project
Field Upgrading Limited

This is a study to establish design parameters to support the future construction of a commercial 2500 barrel per day DSUTM unit for the removal of sulfur from heavy oil for marine use. Find out how this technology is more energy efficient than conventional technologies, has no direct SOx, NOx, PM or GHG emissions, and does not leave coke or asphaltenes behind.


Novel Hot Solvent Extraction Process
Cenovus FCCL Ltd.

Current extraction technologies require significant steam to melt bitumen from underground oil sands deposits to eventually make crude oil and gasoline for engines, resulting in air pollution associated with steam production. Find out how this project will look at using solvent mixed with smaller amount of propane to determine if air pollution can be reduced for the same amount of produced crude oil and gasoline.


Please note that as projects under the OGCT component of EIP are announced they will be posted to this page.