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Smart Grid

  1. Smart Grid in Canada: 2014
  2. CanmetENERGY Research Brief: Summary Report on Canadian Residential Demand Response and Ancillary Service Market Opportunities
  3. CanmetENERGY Research Brief: Integrating Electricity Storage into Smart Grid
  4. Smart Grid in Canada: 2012-2013
  5. The First Canadian Smart Remote Microgrid: Hartley Bay, BC
  6. A Virtual Power Plant to Balance Wind Energy – A Canadian Smart Grid Project
  7. Smart Grid in Canada: 2011-2012
  8. Demand Response Implementation for Improved System Efficiency in Remote Communities
  9. Supply-adequacy-based Optimal Construction of Microgrids in Smart Distribution Systems
  10. PowerStream Self-healing Grid Case Study: A Canadian Smart Grid Project
  11. Case Studies: Balancing Wind Generation Using Electric Thermal Storage and Electric Water Heaters
  12. Distributed Generation Analysis − Case Study 6: Investigation of Planned Islanding Performance of Rotating Machine-based DG Technologies
  13. Distributed Generation Analysis − Case Study 5: Investigation of Passive Anti-Islanding Detection for Rotating Machine-based DG Technologies
  14. Distributed Generation Analysis − Case Study 4: Dynamic Behaviour of a Distributed System with Interconnected Distributed Generation during a Grid-connected Mode of Operation
  15. Nemiah Valley Photovoltaic-diesel Mini-grid: System Performance and Fuel Savings Based on One Year of Monitored Data
  16. Realizing a Smart Grid - Pioneer Canadian Experience
  17. Comparison of Demand Response Communication Protocols
  18. Review of Open Source Code Power Grid Simulation Tools for Long-term Parametric Simulations
  19. Anomaly Detection of Building Systems Using Energy Demand Frequency Domain Analysis
  20. House Model Implementation for Power Quality Studies
  21. Transient Modeling and Simulation of Wind Turbine Generator and Storage
  22. Survey of Studies and Analysis Tools Used for Assessment of Distributed Generation Integration in Canadian Distribution Systems
  23. Smart Grid in Canada - Overview of the Industry in 2010
  24. Smart Grid - Activities in Canada
  25. Protection Coordination Planning With Distributed Generation
  26. Canadian Grid Code for Wind Development - Review and Recommendations
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