ecoENERGY Efficiency for Vehicles

Natural Resources Canada’s ecoENERGY Efficiency for Vehicles program aims to reduce energy use and emissions from transportation in Canada.  The program offers fuel efficient driver training, provides energy information to vehicle consumers, and encourages freight companies to make their operations as energy efficient as possible.

Fuel Efficient Driver Training and Tools

Helping Canadians understand the links between their driving behaviour and fuel consumption through training and other tools is a key pillar of ecoENERGY Efficiency for Vehicles: 

  • Auto$mart targets novice light-duty vehicle drivers;
  • SmartDriver targets drivers in the commercial and institutional fleet sector; and
  • Commercial and institutional fleets will have access to practical advice, tools, and strategies offered through FleetSmart.

Purchasing Fuel Efficient Vehicles

ecoENERGY Efficiency for Vehicles also focuses on providing consumers with the information they need to make energy efficient vehicle and equipment purchasing decisions.  The program will:

  • Introduce updated energy efficiency labels for light-duty on-road vehicles; and  
  • Develop a new consumer awareness initiative that recognizes fuel efficient tires for light-duty vehicles.

Canadian version of SMARTWAY

ecoENERGY Efficiency for Vehicles will also introduce a Canadian version of the SMARTWAY Transport Partnership, a successful program launched by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2004: 

  • SMARTWAY connects freight shippers with an interest in greening their operations to a list of endorsed energy efficient freight carriers.
  • Participants are benchmarked against each other using data they submit describing their energy use and emissions.