Oil Sands


Canada’s oil sands are a major resource within Canada’s energy sector, accounting for 97 percent of Canada’s total oil reserves. Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is committed to developing Canada’s oil sands and heavy oil resources in a sustainable and responsible way through advances in science and technology. NRCan’s scientists have a deep understanding of oil sands and heavy oil processes and strong fundamental science capabilities, and conduct R&D related to oil sands and heavy oil processing in order to reduce the environmental impact of production and produce cleaner fossil fuels. Our work is focused on reducing environmental impact related to air, land and water through research and providing funding for research, the development of novel and improved technologies, and providing scientific information and advice to government policy makers and regulators. We work on research initiatives in collaboration with national and international partners through standards boards, industry, government departments, consortia, provincial governments and universities. With our unique pilot plant facilities located in Devon, Alberta we are able to demonstrate the viability of our innovative technologies and evaluate technologies developed by entrepreneurs as well as those being considered by industry or governments. NRCan’s continued efforts in R&D will enable us to achieve our goals of making oil sands and heavy oil a cleaner energy option for Canada and ensuring Canada is receiving maximum value for the environmental costs of oil sands and heavy oil production.

Devon (AB) Research Centre

trucksCanmetENERGY in Devon, located near Edmonton, focuses on the development of cleaner fossil fuels and related environmental technologies with a focus on oil sands and heavy oil.

Information: Funding, Grants and Incentives

The Federal Government of Canada manages several Funding, Grants and Incentive programs

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