Energy-efficient products

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Homeowners should be aware of any type of deceptive door-to-door sales tactics that claim to have Natural Resources Canada backing. Natural Resources Canada and its legitimate brands – ENERGY STAR, EnerGuide and EcoENERGY NEVER perform or authorize others to perform unsolicited inspections on home equipment or visit homeowners to sell products. EnerGuide home evaluations are always arranged through licensed service organizations and Natural Resources Canada never performs or authorizes others to perform unsolicited energy assessments or evaluations. Consult our website for a listing of licensed service organizations that deliver EnerGuide home evaluations in your area. See more details about unauthorized inspections and sales of home equipment and ways to deal with deceptive door-to-door services.

Canada’s strategy: standards and labels

Whether you are a Canadian consumer, business or public entity, energy efficiency should play an important role in your buying decisions.

Energy efficient products:

  • save energy
  • lower utility bills
  • reduce impacts on the environment

Many Canadians are already familiar with the two brands that Natural Resources Canada uses to make it easier for you to buy energy-efficient products:

Energy Star logo

The ENERGY STAR symbol indicates that a product meets or exceeds high efficiency standards. Currently, more than 70 product categories can qualify for the symbol and, typically, a certified model is in the top 15 to 30 percent of its class for energy performance.

EnerGuide logo

The EnerGuide label compares a product’s energy performance to others in its class. The label is mandatory on certain products as a part of Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations. On other products, its presence is voluntary.

NRCan administers effective standards and labelling programs in order to ensure Canadians have access to reliable, affordable and efficient energy-using products.

Detailed information for manufacturers

Additional information for retailers

The ENERGY STAR name and symbol are administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada and are registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.