Operating tips—arc welding

Follow these best practices for even more energy savings.

Use trained welders.
Trained welders work quicker than those without training, and are usually more conscious of the need to save energy.

Be efficient.
Trained arc welders commonly practice five welding processes, some of which are more energy-efficient than others. For example, choose gas metal arc welding over shielded metal arc welding. The operating factor (the ratio of the time spent welding over the total time in use) of the former is greater, and thus idling time is reduced.

Use multi-process inverter power sources.
Arc welding machines with modern inverter power sources can be used for multiple welding processes and can quickly switch between such processes to minimize idling.

Consider incorporating computer-driven welding for routine operations.

Don’t idle.
An idling arc welding machine consumes energy and costs money. Reduce idling time by completing pre-welding tasks before switching on the machine and completing follow-on tasks after shut down.