Winners’ profiles—2013

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ENERGY STAR® Market Transformation Awards

Manufacturer of the year – 2013

BSH Home Appliances Ltd.

BSH Home Appliances’ goal is to promote German engineering as a cornerstone of quality. Inherent in that strategy is its commitment to energy efficiency – an aspect of the brand since Robert Bosch founded the company over 125 years ago.

BSH incorporates strict European standards of energy efficiency into its North American models. All 88 models of BSH appliances are ENERGY STAR qualified, a fact that is promoted through advertising, digital media, social media and training. These two aspects support the company’s commitment to sustainability from the factory floor to consumer's homes. BSH introduced the ENERGY STAR qualified Ascenta line of dishwashers to compete with many entry level brands, and offers instant rebates on almost all of its models, both of which has increased exposure of ENERGY STAR to a larger segment of the market.

This is the first ENERGY STAR Recognition Award for BSH Home Appliances.

Manufacturer of the year – fenestration products – 2013

All Weather Windows Ltd.

Founded in 1978, All Weather Windows has grown to become Canada’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of windows and doors, with two leading-edge manufacturing facilities and over 1000 dealers across the country.

In 2012, All Weather Windows made extensive changes in its product line to ensure that 100% of all products are ENERGY STAR qualified. The company now features more than 1200 windows and more than 8000 doors/sidelites that are ENERGY STAR qualified, and shipped more than 400 000 ENERGY STAR qualified products to homes and business across Canada in 2012. Educating consumers about ENERGY STAR so they can make informed decisions and choose products that exceed standards for energy efficiency is essential to All Weather Windows and remains a primary focus of its marketing and communications.

All Weather Windows has received the ENERGY STAR Recognition Award for Manufacturer of the Year – Fenestration Products three times, and was named Participant of the Year in 2011.

Retailer of the year – 2013

Sears Canada Inc.

Sears Canada has supported the ENERGY STAR Initiative in Canada for over a decade. With hundreds of corporate stores, dealer locations and showrooms, more than 1500 catalogue desks, and an online and mobile channel, Sears Canada makes more than 2000 ENERGY STAR qualified products accessible to all Canadians. And with competitive pricing, price matching, and a variety of payment plans, Sears makes ENERGY STAR affordable too.

Sales in 2012 of ENERGY STAR qualified products reached 825 000 units, including 100% of windows, patio doors, dehumidifiers, tankless water heaters and televisions. Sears Canada increased impressions of the ENERGY STAR symbol in its flyers by 18%, to almost 4 billion, and in its catalogues to more than 500 million. This year, Sears partnered with numerous utilities, conservation groups, and NGOs to promote and incent consumers to choose ENERGY STAR qualified products.

This is Sears Canada’s ninth ENERGY STAR Recognition Award. Its formidable cache includes seven awards for Retailer of the Year and the coveted award for Sustained Excellence, which it received in 2011.

Utility of the year – provincial – 2013


Since 2003, Hydro-Québec has set increasingly ambitious energy efficiency goals for itself. Whether focusing on compact fluorescent bulbs or LED technology, windows, electrical appliances or televisions, its energy efficiency programs are always linked to ENERGY STAR. In addition, the scope of its programs and the strength of its promotional campaigns have helped increase the availability of ENERGY STAR qualified products on the market for another year running. 

This utility, which serves all of Quebec, is committed to ENERGY STAR and features the symbol on all of its promotional material, advertising and on its Web site. ENERGY STAR is also mentioned on its call centre’s call-waiting messages.  In addition, as it has done in previous years, Hydro-Québec has provided the employees of most of its retail partners with training designed to emphasize the benefits of ENERGY STAR qualified products.

Hydro-Québec has earned an impressive number of ENERGY STAR Recognition Awards. With twelve in total, these include five awards for Utility of the Year, five for Promotional Campaign of the Year and the Award for Sustained Excellence in 2009.

Utility of the year – regional – 2013


FortisBC supplies natural gas and electricity to almost 1 million customers in British Columbia, which includes nearly 88% of natural gas customers, and delivers more than 20% of the total energy consumed in the province. FortisBC’s mission is to build a legacy of energy conservation and prides itself on its Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EEC) programs.

FortisBC has played an integral part in the overall acceptance and market uptake of ENERGY STAR qualified water heater equipment. In the spring of 2012, FortisBC initiated the ENERGY STAR 0.67 EF Storage Tank Pilot Program to evaluate energy savings and market barriers associated with this technology, and soon after, launched the ENERGY STAR Water Heater Program for tankless, hybrid and condensing storage tank models. Both programs attained the goals set out by FortisBC. Promoting its programs and products through public education and outreach, FortisBC measures success through reduced energy consumption and customer awareness of its programs.

This is FortisBC’s second ENERGY STAR Recognition Award for Utility of the Year – Regional. 

Advocate of the year – 2013

Efficiency Nova Scotia Corporation

Efficiency Nova Scotia was created in 2009 through provincial legislation as an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to help Nova Scotians better use energy. It has the distinction of being the first in Atlantic Canada to receive the LEED Canada Commercial Interiors Platinum rating, requiring that 100% of applicable eligible equipment and appliances are ENERGY STAR certified.

Services offered by Efficiency Nova Scotia that support ENERGY STAR include instant discounts on energy efficient products, business energy rebates for commercial kitchen and HVAC equipment, home energy assessments and rebates on upgrades, and free home installation of energy-efficient products. In 2012, Efficiency Nova Scotia collaborated with a number of manufacturers, retailers and other energy efficiency advocates, such as Philips Lighting Canada and AIR MILES for Social Change, to promote ENERGY STAR qualified products.

This is the first ENERGY STAR Recognition Award for Efficiency Nova Scotia.

Promotional campaign of the year – 2013


For ten years, Hydro-Québec has offered energy efficiency programs that have promoted ENERGY STAR qualified products by highlighting their many advantages.

In October 2012, Hydro-Québec launched its promotional campaign with the tagline « Quand il sera temps de la changer, il sera assez grand pour le faire. » (By the time it needs changing, he’ll be big enough to do it), focusing on the extended life of LED light bulbs. Consumers were given a $10 rebate on the purchase of an ENERGY STAR qualified LED light bulb. A variety of strategies were employed during the campaign, including advertising appearing in print and on the Web, events, and in-store promotions with their major partners – Rona, Réno-Dépôt, Home Depot and Canadian Tire.

The results are impressive. The campaign prompted 85 % of respondents who saw the ads to buy LED light bulbs. The sales of ENERGY STAR qualified LED light bulbs rose from 62 to 96 % depending on the store. This promotion, designed to make the product more accessible and transform the market, has resulted in the sale of over 26 276 ENERGY STAR qualified LED light bulbs.

Hydro-Québec has earned an impressive number of ENERGY STAR Recognition Awards. With twelve in total, these include five awards for Utility of the Year, five for Promotional Campaign of the Year and the Award for Sustained Excellence in 2009.

Sustained excellence – 2013

Whirlpool Canada LP

Whirlpool Canada is one of Canada’s leading marketers and suppliers of home appliances. Each year, Whirlpool has consistently demonstrated an increasing commitment to energy efficiency and ENERGY STAR. Presently, over 80% of Whirlpool products across more than 350 base models are ENERGY STAR qualified. Even more impressively, all models of refrigerators introduced in 2012 are ENERGY STAR qualified, as are over 90% of freezer models and virtually every dishwasher across its brands sold.

Whirlpool has a history of collaboration with utilities to help make ENERGY STAR more accessible and increases awareness by linking its four main Web sites directly to ENERGY STAR Canada.

Whirlpool Canada has invested millions for education, training, advertising and promotional efforts related to ENERGY STAR. In 2012, over 10 000 retail sales associates across Canada received in-store training – an increase of 18% - and 7 500 attended event-based training sessions – an increase of 25%.

Whirlpool Canada has received an impressive ten ENERGY STAR Recognition Awards, including two for Sustained Excellence – in 2012 and 2007 – and seven as Manufacturer of the Year.

New homes builder of the year – 2013

Tartan Homes

Tartan Homes is an Ottawa-based new home builder that has been committed to innovation and superior standards for over four decades. Tartan was an early adopter of the ENERGY STAR for new homes program and has built many of its freehold homes to ENERGY STAR specifications. Tartan has made its commitment to ENERGY STAR and energy efficient construction central to all of its marketing and communications.

Tartan aims to make ENERGY STAR qualified homes available, accessible and affordable for a broad range of home buyers.

This is Tartan Homes’ first ENERGY STAR Recognition Award.

New homes promotional campaign of the year – 2013

Eastforest Homes Ltd.

Eastforest Homes Ltd. is an ENERGY STAR for New Homes builder located in southwestern Ontario whose goal is to be a recognized leader in providing new home buyers with a quality built home.

The Eastforest ENERGY STAR campaign is based on the concept that 'Eastforest has MORE - more designs, more options and more ENERGY STAR'. Eastforest Homes places its MORE campaign materials in highly visible locations, including its website, corporate signage, flags, presentation centres, the Eastforest Design Studio, tradeshows, and in numerous print publications.

This is Eastforest Homes’ first ENERGY STAR Recognition Award.

The ENERGY STAR name and symbol are administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada and are registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.