Importer's Corner

Import reporting

A dealer who imports a regulated energy-using product into Canada must, at the time of release, include specific information regarding the product, as well as the purpose of its importation on the customs release document (e.g., customs or commercial invoice, bill of sale, price list).

What information must be on the customs release document?

A dealer who is importing a regulated energy-using product into Canada must include the following information on the customs release document:

  • name of product (see the list of energy-using products)
  • model number*
  • brand name, if any
  • address of the dealer who is importing the product
  • the purpose for which the product is being imported
    • for sale or lease in Canada without modification
    • for sale or lease in Canada after being modified to comply with the prescribed energy efficiency standard or
    • for use as a component in a product being exported from Canada

*For electric motors, the importer is encouraged to provide the model number instead of an UMI.

The customs release document must be submitted electronically to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Dealers must always include the required information on the customs release document, regardless of when the product was manufactured.

Note: Incomplete documents

If the customs release document is not complete or if the product does not meet energy efficiency standards, the customs officer may refuse to allow the product to clear customs.

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