Discover more about NRCan’s role in discovering how to most effectively harness and utilize renewable energies.



What is Renewable Energy?

Learn how Canada taps into it’s renewable energy resources.

Small Hydro

Find information on the potential energy that can be provided to remote communities across Canada.

Solar Photovoltaic

Read about how solar photovoltaic energy helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Read about how CanmetENERGY researchers are advancing Canada;s bioenergy future.

R&D Projects in Bioenergy and Renewables.

Demonstration Projects in Bioenergy and Renewables.

Wind Energy

Read about how Canada’s geography makes us an ideal candidate for generating wind energy.

Solar Thermal

Find information on CanmetENERGY’s development of solar thermal technologies.

Marine Energy

Learn why Canada’s vast coastal and inland waters makes it the ideal environment for generating marine renewable energy.

Implementing agreement on renewable energy technology deployment (IEA-RETD)