Canada has a variety of resources to provide renewable energy. Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) plays an active role in discovering how to most effectively harness and efficiently utilize renewable energies from the sun, wind, water, and biomass. We aim to increase the utilization of renewable energy technologies in Canada while maximizing the environmental and economic benefits of renewable energy for Canadians. For example, through our energy programs, we coordinate research, development, and demonstration activities, that will accelerate the technology towards commercialization and self-sustainability. Additionally, we provide funding to projects with this goal. Working with Canadian and international stakeholders, we also contribute to the development of the codes and standards necessary to deploy these technologies safely and effectively. In support of these goals in the fields of bioenergy, wind energy, solar energy, and marine energy, NRCan conducts research ranging from proof of concept to continuous pilot plant processes for certain technologies in its three laboratories. NRCan also develops software, information, and training tools that support Canadian stakeholders. Through collaboration with industry, universities, research groups, quasi-public agencies, and other departments and governments, NRCan is working to advance renewable energy technologies and in doing so, meet energy demands, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and generate economic development and jobs for Canadians.

NRCan at the National Solar Test Facility

National Solar Test FacilityThe National Solar Test Facility (NSTF) is North America’s leading centre for testing and rating solar technologies under controlled sunlight, temperature, and wind. The NSTF houses one of the world's largest indoor solar simulators. Read more about our work with NSTF.

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