Marine Energy

Naturally abundant: Marine renewable energy

With extensive coastal and inland waters, Canada has the ideal environment for tapping the potential of marine renewable energy.

Our Marine Energy Technology (MET) team actively supports the development of marine energy technologies across the country. Working closely with industry, other government departments and academia, we address cross-cutting marine energy issues and guide technologies toward market success. By doing so, we help fulfill NRCan’s vision of improving Canadian quality of life through the use of sustainable resources.

Renewable energy

All movement is energy: discover how it’s harnessed from tides, ocean waves and river currents. What is marine energy?

Making waves

Find out how we’re helping accelerate the development and deployment of marine renewable energy technologies. Read about our technology development projects.

From idea to uptake

Learn more about our approach to guiding technologies to market.

Progress through partnership

The MET team works with industry and academia to drive innovation, and with policymakers to inform regulations and standards that contribute to the success of marine energy technologies. Learn more about our partnerships and collaborations.

An invaluable resource

Where is marine energy expected to be in greatest demand? Which technologies are most likely to deliver? Get the answers in the Canadian Marine Renewable Energy Technology Roadmap.