Regional Initiatives

Facilitating Regional Adaptation Planning and Decision-Making

The Regional Adaptation Collaboratives (RACs) Climate Change Program is a three year, $30 million, cost-shared federal program to help Canadians reduce the risks and maximize the opportunities posed by climate change. The Program helps communities prepare for and adapt to local impacts posed by our changing climate, such as: decreasing fresh water supplies; increasing droughts, floods and coastal erosion; and changing forestry, fisheries and agricultural resources.

The goal of the Program is to catalyze coordinated and sustained adaptation planning, decision-making and action, across Canada’s diverse regions. The RACs Program is a collaboration between the federal government, provinces and territories, working with local governments and organizations. 

These collaboratives design local projects targeted to decision-makers that integrate adaptation measures into regional planning, policies and programs.  The development of region-specific knowledge and tools such as community development plans, building practices, and water and resource management are then shared across regions and sectors to accelerate adaptation planning and decision-making, nation-wide.

Making adaptation-focused decisions now will help ensure that our economy, communities and natural resources sectors are better prepared for climate change now and in the future.

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